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Vitamin C whitening powder

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Price: 250 Afghanis
Vitamin C whitening powder
New and excellent product for teeth whitening
The new product is specially made for whitening and whitening teeth
   This product is made from pure vitamin C and is super effective for whitening teeth
   Very effective for smokers who suffer from yellow teeth.
    It is made of safe natural ingredients such as vitamin C, pearl powder and collagen that will not damage the teeth.
Eliminates tooth decay as effectively as tobacco
Fights decay.
Whitens teeth, reduces tooth wear,
Protects enamel,
refreshes the soul,
Jaundice destroys teeth
Eliminate bad breath
Prevent swelling
   Help with sore gums
You can choose this product from among your basic needs.
   When using, moisten the toothbrush and apply the powder and then brush your teeth.
Services: Free shipping to your requested address
To order, please contact the following numbers
0793110222 - 0781500300
Whatsapp / Viber / IMO We chat 0744815555
Address: Kabul, Parwan, third floor, first floor, Qasr Zareen

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