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Spring knee brace

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Spring knee brace
The springy knee brace is designed to relieve knee pain so that you can do your daily tasks more easily and efficiently.
  With a spring-loaded mechanism, it effectively reduces the pressure on the hip, leg, and especially the knee joints. Firmly supports both legs without reducing mobility.
This will help reduce your joint problems. Areas of use of spongy knee support knee brace supports the comfort of life by reducing existing complaints of people who complain of knee pain. It helps those who are interested in walking, running, climbing, cycling and weight sports to increase their mobility and prevent possible knee injury. This helps to reduce the load on the knees of those who work in squats for a long time and those who deliver daily packages. Protective knee brace with a fabric design that does not sweat when used on leather, suitable for use on clothing. Stainless steel spring mechanism that reduces pressure on the knee. Neoprene fabric design that hugs the feet easily
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Address: Parwan Kabul, the first three floors of Qasr Zarin

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