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Lubricant and anti-rust spray

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Lubricant and anti-rust spray
To eliminate the rusting of bolt and nut connections, to prevent the rusting of metal parts, to lubricate moving parts such as hinges, wheels, chains, bearings, bolts and nuts, etc., to prevent wear between two parts that move on top of each other. and cut off the resulting sound
• Removing paint and dirt from the fence and rubber and plastic items
• - Lubrication of locks and hinges of all types of doors and windows, both ordinary and double-glazed
- Lubrication of all parts that need lubrication and lubrication with the effect of removing grease and dust, even electronic parts such as lubrication of telephone buttons
• - Neutralizing the squeaking sound of all locks and doors, such as locks and hinges of the door of the house, yard, room, etc., smoothing all parts of the sewing machine
- Removing and installing car parts such as worn or rusted bolts and nuts that are exposed to dust and moisture
• - Use in all existing car locks and hinges for lubrication and protection against freezing in winter
• - Removal of dirt and dust from all internal and external parts of the car
- Can be used to clean all types of razors and protect against corrosion and wear
• - Can be used for lubrication and maintenance of all types of industrial and ordinary bearings against corrosion and humidity
• Authentic power brand under the license of Matsan Türkiye
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Address: Parwan Kabul, the first three floors of Qasr Zarin

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